Hewaco RP168 injection molding machine for sale


Manufacturer: Hewaco Spritzgießtechnik GmbH in Germany
Model: RP168
Year of manufacture: 2009
Number of operating hours: 2330 (the injection molding machine was only used for sampling)
Technical data:
Voltage: 380 V
Frequency: 50 Hz
Clamping force: 1680 kN
Heating power: 10 kW
Motor power: 15 kW
Weight: 4,8 t
A copy of the operating instructions is enclosed with the machine
The injection molding machine is equipped with technical accessories:
Double core puller (has never been used)
2x blow-out units: 1x air-operated can be used as core pull (input-output)
Switchable sensor for the divider chute
Screw diameter: 48 mm
Nozzle tip: 0 degree flat nozzle
USB-port for backup and archiving is available
Machine with a lot of attached periphery can be purchased optionally:
Handling “Geiger Euromap 12”
Mobile safety fence
Switched conveyor belt
Water battery (2x 12 channel distribution)
Control unit (hot runner “Strack 12”)
2x temperature control units (older year of construction)
Socket distributors (self-made): 4x Schuko, 3x CEE 16A, 2x CEE 32 A
Until today no spare parts have been installed (original parts “Hewaco” or “Feromatik” can be used here)
Condition: Ready for use. Only known damage is dented sheet metal on the front side.
Availability: Immediately. The injection molding machine can be inspected on site at any time during operation.
Reference: PRO4029

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