Refinery Equipment Raw Material Column Bendco T-101 Raw Material Furnace Ventec Eng.N-101 Refinery
Manufacturer : Bendco, Ventec Eng.
Model : Т-101, H-101
Construction year : 1993
State : good
Status : dismantled
Location : Ukraine
Product category : Refinery
Reference : PRO3175
Equipment refinery complex

1. Raw material column of atmospheric distillation of T-101 oil, produced by Bendco (USA, 1993) for 300 thousand tons per year
 The column has been completely modernized to increase efficiency.

2. Convection part of the furnace for heating the raw material H-101, manufactured by “Ventec Eng.” (USA – 1996)
The equipment was purchased in Guatemala in 2005. It was launched and modernized (to increase capacity) in Ukraine by specialists of the Swiss company Koch-Glitsch in 2006 together with Ukrainian specialists (with full or partial replacement of plates, fittings and others). Worked successfully until stopping in 2013.

3. Electrical equipment – panel, cabinets and control panels

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