Waygate v|tome|x m microfocus CT industrial computed tomography for sale


Manufacturer: Waygate Technologies in the USA
Model: v|tome|x m microfocus CT
Year of manufacture: Unknown (the machine was ordered in the middle of 2020 and delivered in December 2020)
Technical Data:
It is a GE v|tome|x m in dual tube configuration and metrology edition
The machine is approved as metrology-version for metrological purposes
X-ray tube type: Open directional high power microfocus X-ray tube, closed cooling water circuit
Optional additional (open) transmission high power nanofocus X-ray tube
Microfocus tube: 300 kV
Nanofocus tube: 180 kV
Geometric magnification (3D): 1,3x to 100x / up to 200x with the nanofocus tube
Detail detectability: Up to <1 µm (microfocus tube) / optionally up to 0,2 µm (nanofocus tube)
Focus detector distance: 800 mm
Max. focus object distance: 600 mm (microfocus tube)
System dimensions (W x H x D): 2620 mm x 2060 mm x 1570 mm (103″ x 81″ x 62″) / depth:
2980 mm (117,3″) including the control panel and generators
Max. sample weight: 50 kg (110 lbs.), high accuracy CT to ~20 kg (44 lbs.)
System weight: Approx. 7960 kg / 17550 lbs. (without additional components)
Condition: Fully functional, in perfect condition, very well equipped. The machine was commissioned at the end of 2020, rarely used and serviced quarterly (last service was performed in February 2023).
Availability: A sale within the next three months would be good. In case of transport and commissioning can be the mediation.
Reference: PRO4045

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