Röcher RZP 160.21 SS hydraulic press for sale


Manufacturer: Röcher GmbH & Co. KG Maschinenbau in Germany
Model: RZP 160.21 SS
Year of manufacture: 1998
Number of operating hours: 7697, 86
Technical data:
Max. pressing force: 1600 kN
Retracting force: Approx. 240 kN
Max. ram stroke: 400 mm
Rapid traverse speed: 427 mm/s
Working speed up to 547 kN: Approx. 80 mm/s
Working speed from 1600 kN: Approx. 27 mm/s
Return speed: approx. 427 mm/s
Adjustment travel from mechanical stroke limit: 150 mm
Drive power: 65 kW
Total weight: 17 t
Table size: 1000 x 800 mm
Installation height: 500 mm
No drawing cushions
Rapid traverse function
Short stroke
Mechanical stop (overrun nut)
Overtravel time: 80 ms
Overtravel: 28 mm
Safety distance: 190 mm
Condition: It is fully functional, without defects. Last blanks up to 6 mm (maximum) were punched on this press. Embossings and plates are reshaped.
Reference: PRO3874

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