Special internal grinding machine NC-LIR-540 VSZ STANKO model VSZ – 103 for sale


Max. Longitudinal displacement 1300,0 mm
loop diameter 500,0 mm outside inside internal DATE CNC type CNC NC LIR520 max. Arm diameter max. Distance between spindle and table max. Plate SpeedSpindle Motor Power
Length x Width x Height: 6060.0mm × 3400.0mm × 2050.0mm
Weight: 15900.0kg
Hours70 Hours


1. Purpose and Scope
The special internal grinding machine NC-LIR-540 of the type VSZ-103 is designed for grinding cylindrical through holes and blind holes with diameters of 100 to 500 mm and lengths up to 1300 mm.
2. Main technical data and characteristics.
The largest diameter of the bottom hole is mm … 500
The smallest diameter of the bottom hole, mm … 100
The largest diameter of the installed product is mm … 800
The largest diameter of the product installed in the housing is mm … 700
The maximum length of the installed product is mm … 1300
The diameter of the end of the grinding spindle according to GOST 2324-77, mm … 25; 50
Diameter of the grinding spindle sleeve, mm … 120; 200
Limited size of spindle end of the product according to GOST 12595-72 … 1-15M
Grinding length depends on the diameter of the holes to be ground, mm:
-100-190 mm … 450
-200-340 mm … 700
-350-500 mm … 1300
The distance from the table mirror to the axis of the spindle product, mm … 610 + _10
The distance from the spindle axis to the base of the base, mm … 1465 + _25
The maximum distance from the bearing end of the spindle flange to the end of the grinding headstock, mm … 3153 + _50
The limits of the intermittent transverse feed of the grinding wheel to a single stage are mm … 0,001-0,004
Transverse movement of the grinding wheel, mm:
– the largest of a hydraulic cylinder … 1,8
on a limb … 0.0025
– for rolling the manually dosed lever … 0.0025
The amount of compensation for grinding wheel wear for the grinding cycle, mm:
-the biggest … 0.2
-least … 0.02
The biggest movement of the table, mm … 1500 + _15
Table movement speed, m / min:
Load … 0.2
-with quick approach (retreat) … 5
Moving the table in one turn of the handwheel of manual movement, mm … 5.6
Speed ​​of the product spindle (stepless adjustment), speed … 24-240
Internal grinding spindle speed, rpm … 6600, 3700, 2100
The largest diameter of the grinding wheel, mm … 300
Overall dimensions:
– Length, mm … 6060 ± 50
– Width, mm … 3400 ± 50
– height, mm … 2050 ± 50
Machine weight, kg … 15900 ± 10%

The basis for the production (modernization) was taken over the new VSZ-103.
Modernized hydraulics, new electrics (“RITTAL” housing, “ABB” components, “Schneider-electric” components), in accordance with ISO9002 standard, replacement of the electrical drive of the product with a frequency converter (Made in Japan, “Yaskawa”). The grinding wheel motor is equipped with a soft start system, a barograph is installed to indicate the load on the motors, and a barograph to control the oil temperature. The control circuit is constructed with an intelligent relay “Schneider-electric”. To control the grinding process in two axes, a ruler and DRO LIR-540R are installed.

Two inner sanding heads (Fortune), bezel. Depending on customer requirements, additional assets and lunettes can be produced

Machine location: Latvia

Year of construction 1999, 2018 completely overhauled by the manufacturer

Former use:
The plant was used to manufacture and grind torpedoes, underwater mines and air bombs for military purposes.

Assembly and transport costs within the EU are included in the price.

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