Sleev and packaging system Tubular bag packaging line film welding machine
State : like new
Status : dismantled
Location : Germany
Product category : Packaging machines
Reference : PRO3120

Sleeving system with 120 cycles per minute for sleeving of beverage cans and bottles 0,25-2 L:

1) Sleeve system with conveyor belt, product separation, Sleeveapplikator, steam tunnel, steam generator, drying tunnel …
Original price was around 320,000, – EUR plus VAT.
2) Foil welder 2er / 6er / 12er / 24er-Pack, cooling, automatic palletizing.
Estimated original price was around 200,000, – EUR plus VAT.

The plant ran only once for trial purposes and is therefore in new condition. Due to factory closure the plant will be sold.

The system is already partially dismantled and is now ready to pick up.

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