Pfaff 8330 Programmable plastic welding machine for sale


Pfaff 8330-042 / 001 Hot Air Welding Machine, Programmable Plastic Welding Machine

including additional spare parts (nozzle, rollers), seam tester

• absolutely new
• Traditional band welding combined with the possibility of progarmable welding
• Separately driven rollers for smooth seams
• Touch screen for easy operation via pictograms
• Various, definable operator levels possible, protected by password, e.g. specified parameters can not be changed by the operator
• Dynamic Welding = automatic adjustment of the heating power to the variable welding speed
• Monitoring of the heating temperature by two sensors
• Individual segments as well as complete processes can be programmed
• Automatic monitoring and constant maintenance of all preset or programmed parameters
• Variable column system (column width and column position – depending on the application)
• Optional: automatic tape cut at end of material by photocell
• Precisely reproducible nozzle adjustment via cross slides
• Programs and parameters can be transferred to other machines in the production run
• Software update via eMail possible
• Differential transport


For all band welding operatins that require high process reliability and reproducible quality. By flexible adaptation of the roller and nozzle widths, including different roll materials (steel, silicon), the welding machine is ideally suited for pattern development and production.

Pfaff 8330-042 / 001 equipped with:
– wide tape cutter for 30 mm
– Mounting kit
– Pillar from the front
• Parts set 32 ​​mm
• Parts set for tape cutter
• Transport roller steel, smooth, 32 mm
• Transport roller silicone 32/8 mm
• Spacer ring for rollers
• SK screw M5x10 DIN 7991
• HL supply line f. Double-K.D.
• Mouthpiece 30 mm bevelled
• frame with table top
– Transport roller steel, smooth 32 mm with groove
– Transport roller silicone 32 mm with groove
– Double nozzle 20 mm “Type B” m. second sensor connection
– Double nozzle 25 mm “Type B” m. second sensor connection
– Double nozzle 30 mm “Type B” m. second sensor connection
– Temperature sensor
– Transport roller with 8 mm silicone support 25 mm wide
– Transport roller steel, smooth, 25 mm wide
– End plate (25 mm) completely.
– clamping sleeve (25 mm)
– Heating cartridge 240V, 3600W
– Insert for 18 mm band to the band section 30 mm
– Insert for 20 mm band to the band section 30 mm
– Insert for 22 mm band to the band section 30 mm

Model: 8330-042 / 001
Welding temperature: max. 650 ° C
Welding speed: max. 7 m / min (standard)
Heating power: 3,600 W
Connected load: 230V, 1-phase, 50/60 Hz
Compressed air: 6 bar

Additional equipment, see picture 20:

Suture tester incl. Instruction manual

The seam tester is used to check the water permeability of materials, as well as seams in the clothing and footwear sector, which are sealed with a seam sealing tape.

Transport and packaging:

Delivery condition: EXW
Dimension: 80 x 120 x 180 cm
Packing: on EU pallet with hood
Net weight: 121 kg
Gross weight: 143 kg

Net price

The machine is max. 200 h were used in the sample production. The condition is 1a, without defects. As can be seen in the pictures, a reserve is also available. Different roll widths can be used. The manufacturer is currently offering a software update for this machine.

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