Industrial engine Motor WEG HGF 630 kW 4P 400C / D / E for sale


Engine WEG HGF 630 kW 4P 400C / D / E

(Electric motor: AN 606426)

Surface cooled three-phase motor m. Kaefiglaeufer

The engine is new and has 0 operating hours.
Operating voltage: 6600 V; with fluctuation of +/- 10%
Frequency: 50 Hz; with fluctuation of +/- 5%
Revolutions: 1500 1 / min
Service factor: 1.0
Number of poles: 4 3-phase
Start-up type: Direct start (D.O.L.)
Type: IMB 35 (foot and flange motor)
Protection class: IPW 55
Installation position electric motor: Horizontal
Engine cooling: IC411; Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC)
Design according to IEC windings with tropical protection coating
Corrosion-resistant fittings
With water drains

Environmental conditions:
– Installation altitude: <1000 m via N.N.
– Ambient temperature: + 3.9 ° C (min.) To + 50 ° C (max.)
– Relative humidity: max. 70%.
Motor protection: – 2 x 3 PT100 (3-wire, duplex, 2 per phase) – each lead out separately on a separate terminal box. Bearing monitoring: – 1x PT100 (3-wire, duplex, each bearing on the DE and NDE side) – each individually led out on a separate terminal box.
Standstill heating: – 240 V / 50 Hz / 1-phase / 2-wire – led out on separate terminal box.

Isolation: Heat class F used to B Terminal box for power connection:
– Material steel; rotatable in 4x 90 ° increments – phase-separated main terminal box – right in direction of shaft or above.
Bearing with grease nipple on DE and NDE side
Insulated bearings on NDE side (electrically insulated endshield)
With thermometer for bearings, 1x each bearing on DE and NDE side
With SPM nipple Operating mode: S1 Rotation direction: any Paint: – Suitable for ambient conditions, corrosion-resistant.
Sound level max. 75 dB (A) at a distance of 1.5 meters

Exams (with certificates): – Routine Test and Type Test
– Other tests according to technical specifications.
Technical execution according to technical specifications:
– General Electrical Specification – Technical Specification for AC & DC Motors.

Electric motor suitable for the environmental conditions and design according to the technical specifications; Deviations must be marked in writing.


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